How To Take Screenshot in Computer/Laptop

how to take screenshot in computer/laptop

How to Take Screenshot In Computer/Laptop: Computers and laptops have become very important in everyday life nowadays as most of the works are done by using Computers/Laptops. We make many projects in day-to-day work and A screenshot is needed for the work as Evidence, proof, etc. Now many people do not know how to take … Read more

How To Introduce Yourself

Do you know that there is a right way to introduce yourself to anyone?What is the right way to introduce yourself in an interview?Should there be a proper way to introduce yourself even at the beginning of the speech? Think you are in an interview and you have to introduce yourself and you don’t know … Read more

How to block SBI ATM card

how to block SBI ATM Card

Are you want to block your SBI ATM card and searching for how to do it. Then, you are at the right place, In this guide, I am going to talk through how to block SBI ATM card. It is a great feature provided by SBI to its customers that we can block our ATM … Read more