How To Join Indian Army

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Today we are going to tell you about how to join Indian Army and how to prepare for it, often all people want that they go to the army and serve their country but many people don’t know much about it.

So, today we are going to tell you all the information about joining Indian Army.

It is the dream of every Indian to join the Indian Army. The youth of India are always ready to join the army and protect the country.

The Indian Army is deployed to serve the country in every weather, whether it is hot summer or winter, drought or flood.

In the Indian Army, recruitment also continues from time to time. Candidates willing to join the Indian Army must have to fulfill the recruitment.

According to the official website, students who wish to join the army can apply under the officer selection category or JCO / OR enrollment as per their eligibility.

You can read this article in full to get more information on how to join Indian Army.

how to join Indian Army
How To Join Indian Army

Important Requirements To Join Indian Army

  • To get admitted in the army, you must have passed 10th or 12th from any recognized school, only then you can apply for it.
  • For applying in the Indian Army, the minimum age of candidates is 17 ½ years and the maximum age is 21 years (for military posts) for other posts, it is mandatory to be 23 years.
  • To join the Indian Army, it is very important to have physical qualification
  1. Length – 170 cm
  2. Weight – 50 Kg
  3. Eyes – 6/6

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join indian army

How to Join Indian Army

To join the Indian Army, you mainly have to go through three exams. The first is the physical fitness test, the second is the Medical test and the third is Written Examination

To join the army, you have to pass these three steps, after that you can get an army job.

1. Physical test

After applying for recruitment in the Indian Army, firstly the physical test of the candidates is taken.

In the physical test, the candidates have to pass many tests like long run, high run, Run test, throw test, etc., and candidates are given numbers according to their performance.

Candidates have to complete 1.6 km run in 5 minutes 41 seconds.

2. Medical test

Candidates who have passed the physical test are selected for the next stage of medical test.

In this, the eyes of the candidates are the main test, and together with the ears, voice, group of blood, and many other tests are done.

If there is any facture found in the body of the candidates, then that candidate is not admitted to the Indian Army.

3. Written exam

This is the final stage of Indian Army recruitment. In both the phases, the written test of the qualified candidates is taken which is of 100 marks and 1 hour time is given.

In the end, the candidates who are declared successful in all the exams are recruited in the Indian Army.

 how to join indian army without exam

How To Join Indian Army Without Exam

the following candidates are provided as military duty through the respective regiment/corps training centers:

  • The candidate should have a son of a martyr in war.
  • The candidate must be an actual brother of the martyr of war.
  • The candidate is a real brother of the martyr of war who is married to the widow of the martyr, and who has no child of any kind.
  • A real brother of a martyr of war provided he marries a deceased widow who has a male child but who has not attained the appropriate age for nomination.
  • The candidate must be a real son of the Battle Casualty when the Battle Casualty is dismissed from service on the medical ground.

How to prepare for Joining Indian army?

  • First of all, prepare to cross the 1600 meter race.
  • While practicing the 1600 meter run, do not forget to keep the time in mind. Practice the 1600 meter run by spending time on your watch.
  • Do not ignore the written test while preparing for physical examination. Questions related to general knowledge will be asked in the written examination. To prepare for General Knowledge.
  • Mathematics, General Knowledge, General Science, and Aptitude questions will be asked in the written examination.

Some Frequently Asked FAQs

How can I join army?

Indian Army selection process:
1. You must have passed 10th or 12th from any recognized school.
2. The minimum age of candidates is 17 ½ years and the maximum age is 21 years.
3. You have to qualify the Physical, Medical, and Written tests.

How can I apply for Indian army?

1. Go to the official website
2. On the new page, click on officers entry ‘apply/log-in’ and start registering.
3. Create your login account.
4. Enter your registered id and password to log in.
5. Enter all the required details in the prescribed format.
6. Click on submit.

What is Indian Army salary?

The monthly pay scale of an Indian Army soldier ranges from Rs. 5,200 / – to Rs. 20,200 / – and different wages have been fixed for all the posts, along with various other facilities are also provided to the Indian Army.

 how to join indian army as a soldier


This is how you can easily join Indian Army in simple ways.

Now you have learned how to join Indian Army. I hope After reading this article, you will never face any problem in joining the Indian Army.

I have tried my best to provide you the right information in very easy language so that everyone would read and understand the meaning of what I want to explain.

If you still have a problem, comment down it. I will try my best to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

So that’s it for this post, I hope that you have liked this post today and you have learned many new things from this article.

Thank you.

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